Market Snapshot:

Our Objectives

  • To create vibrant developments that provide affordable residential and commercial spaces to the middle income segment of the population.
  • To develop strategic alliances with leading regional and international companies that adopt the latest technologies and implement best practices in order to achieve significant operational, construction and maintenance cost reductions.
  • To be a pillar of the national economy by attracting foreign capital to the local real estate sector.
  • To realize the highest returns on our portfolio of lands and assets by enhancing its long-term value while providing significant returns for our valued shareholders.
  • To promote the Emirate of Abu Dhabi by marketing our developments through far reaching tactical campaigns.
  • To attract and retain the highest caliber of professionals who are loyal to the company and its culture of transparency.

Our Core Values

  • Value Creation
    We serve as dedicated land administrators, creating lasting value through our communities and investment properties to ensure a prosperous legacy for generations to come..
  • Commitment to Quality
    To succeed in creating sustainable communities, we invest in and manage assets that adhere to the highest standards of quality and service.
  • Community Development
    We aim to weave vibrant environments that balance security, comfort and convenience where people can thrive in self-sufficient communities.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    By acting as an equal opportunity employer, we create job opportunities that contribute to the social and economic development of the UAE and support nationals working in the private sector.
  • Transparency
    Our corporate culture is built on the pillars of ethics, honesty and openness in everything we do.
  • Global Best Practices
    We remain on par with leading developers across the region by adopting international best practices and working with like-minded partners.

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