Market Snapshot:

Advanced Cooling District Plants for Manazel Projects

It is Manazel’s commitment to protecting the environment that validates its decision to develop large scale and highly advanced district cooling plants for Al Reef Villas, Capital Mall and Prestige Towers although they are quite costly to construct and operate. With production capacities ranging between 8,000 and 30,000 tons, the construction costs of these plants peaked at AED 280 million, a figure justifiable by the fact that these facilities are more energy efficient than their traditional counterparts, thus significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.
The cooling district plants in Manazel’s projects generate sufficient cooled water which is distributed to end users through an elaborate underground pipe network, avoiding the use of harmful carbon components that are a by-product of traditional cooling systems. The plants feature reduced maintenance and operational costs as compared to air conditioning units located in buildings as well as reduced exposure to annoying sounds and vibrations.
The cooling plant that caters to Capital Mall and Prestige Towers has the capacity to serve 9712 Capital project entirely. The same applies to the 8,000 ton capacity cooling plant in Al Reef which can be further upgraded to meet the future cooling needs of the project.

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